Mogul Protocol F.A.Q.

Q. What makes your diet unique?
The diet part of The Mogul Protocol differs from all other diets.
It is the first diet that:

  • Lets you have your carbs, but instructs you to eat them LATER in the day
  • Mandates 2 (and allows up to 4) servings of dietary calcium per day
  • Minimizes measuring most foods (everything but fats and free sugars) to make long term weight management manageable and easy
  • Includes a "weekly treat" normally off-limits to all dieters, with specific rules so you don't overindulge
  • Provides long lists of healthy, taste-filled foods that you already love, so you learn to give up "diets," forever!

Q. How does your diet differ from The Mediterranean Diet?
The Carb Modified Diet is a markedly modified Mediterranean diet.

It embraces ALL the fresh foods of the Mediterranean – vegetables, fish, and fruit. The 4 layers of the 4-3-2-1 pyramid translate concepts into specifics, since nutritionists agree that The Mediterranean Diet needs more definition at present.

Here are the key elements of The Carb Modified Diet. It:

  • Encourages lots of vegetables, most fruits, and low-fat proteins
  • Advocates olive oil, but gives other fat options that you tailor to your own tastes AND restricts these to 2 servings (200-250 calories/day) to keep total calories down. (Fats are densely caloric and must be watched for weight loss.)
  • Limits nuts and cheese. At 10 nuts (1/2 ounce) for 100 calories and 800 calories for the typical 4 ounce "snack-size" serving you'll find on the shelves and at the candy counter, nuts can spell trouble for dieters that can't "eat just only one!"

Q. How does it compare to South Beach, Atkins, and other popular low carbohydrate diets?

  • Allows 3 servings of whole grains or other starches (up to 300 calories total) each day in addition to fruits AFTER 4 PM. (Carbs need to be measured for portion control training at the start of the diet). So you can have plenty of pasta guilt free while you lose weight
  • Exceeds the daily carb content of any and all low carbohydrate diets out there. Depending on which foods you choose, you will end up with about 50% of your total calories as carbohydrates

Q. Does it work for people who don't have Syndrome W or insulin resistance?